Yerba Mate
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Yerba Mate
Differentiated Yerba Mate, with intense Yerba Mate Uruguay Type flavor.

NUTRITIONAL: RDC Resolution number 360, from December 23, 2003, approves Technical Regulation on Nutritional Labeling of Packaged Foods, making nutritional labeling mandatory. However, this Technical Regulation does not apply to coffee, yerba mate, tea and other herbs without the addition of other ingredients. This product is exempted from registration according to RDC number 23, from 2000 and RDC number 27, from 2010.


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Barão Premium Yerba Mate
Barão Yerba Mate for refined tastes.
Vacuum Cambona Yerba Mate
Ideal for those who want to enjoy a smooth mate!
(Português do Brasil) Erva-Mate Barão Tradicional a Vácuo
(Português do Brasil) Um chimarrão com sabor de tradição!
(Português do Brasil) Erva Mate Tipo Argentina
(Português do Brasil) Indicado para quem busca um mate diferenciado e com sabor intenso